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Bin There Dump That Thunder Bay Press Release

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Media Release

New Waste Disposal Business to Contribute to E-waste Fundraising Event
Bin There Dump That Will Be a Solution to Community's Recycling Program

THUNDER BAY, ON - There is an appetite in Thunder Bay for a better recycling program 1. This is evident by an upcoming e-waste fundraising event on the morning of Saturday, May 31, hosted by EcoSuperior. The five hour event will happen at the OLG Casino from ten to three. A contributor of the fundraising event is Bin There Dump That, a new dumpster rental business that will help Thunder Bay residents clean up and clear out all unwanted items from their homes. Bin There Dump That owner, Patrick Fenlon, wants to showcase his new business at the event to show residents his commitment to better recycling programs in the city.

"Pack Pros (Fenlon's other company) started tire and e-waste recycling in Thunder Bay; it was only fitting we start something to help Thunder Bay residents get rid of other unwanted junk from their homes" said Fenlon. Alongside business partner Wayne VanderWees, Fenlon is launching Bin There Dump That this week to provide additional support for recycling concerns in the community.

"We started Pack Pros because we recognized the need in the city to responsibly recycle electronic waste and we are thrilled to see the support for the EcoSuperior event on the 31st," started Fenlon. "I wanted Bin There Dump That to be part of the event to highlight that we'll be helping residents remove other types of unwanted goods from their homes and assure all items are sorted and repurposed if possible".

With the warm weather finally coming around, the city is in full spring cleaning mode. With many residents looking to rid their homes of substantial amounts of unwanted goods, Bin There Dump That provides residents a solution for those that can't or are unwilling to make several trips to the landfill. While spring cleaning and a home clear out is good to lower stress2 , Fenlon advices to do so responsibly.

"Before disposing of any items into one of our bins, we ask you to consider if the opportunity exists for you to recycle it responsibly, like e-waste, or donate any reusable items to the local Habitat for Humanity Restore," stated Fenlon. "Rest assure, we'll take the necessary measures to donate or recycle any items that still have value we pull from our bins".


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For a complete list of acceptable goods to recycle, please visit To rent a dumpster for your Spring Cleaning project, call Bin There Dump That Thunder Bay at 807-286-DUMP (3867) or visit

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